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We not only provide trusted advice and financial projections, we also help you sell more properties. For all of our owners who approach us to buy or sell one or multiple properties, we refer them to our exclusive list of real estate brokerages. Get on the list and earn more revenue with us. We do not sell or list "for sale" properties. We refer clients directly to you!

5 VTrips advantages for real estate brokers

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More clients equals more business.
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Accurate projections
Property specific annual or monthly realistic rental financials with custom documentation.
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Expert advisement
Our team’s wealth of knowledge with over 20 years in property management gives you the information you need to perform successfully. Whether you have a buyer or seller, we use our years of vacation rental expertise to position the property for the changes necessary to increase revenue. We let you know realistically what the property will generate and we give you the facts to back up any tough conversations with your clients.
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Full-service property management resource
We are the extra team you need to field all the questions your clients may have about property management. Our team is a responsive resource to the buyer’s questions on registration, projections, expectations, best rental times of year, high season, low season, and even new investor know-how. We provide in-depth information and deal with all the questions including how to make a property pet-friendly or what updates will make the property yield higher profits.
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Property ratings
Our proprietary property rating system of diamond, gold, silver, bronze, and copper bridges the gap between the guest and the owner. This is critical for satisfaction and we want both guest and owner expectations to be exceeded so they give all of us back great reviews. The rating system gives owners the transparency to understand how their property rates and compares to others with similar amenities and features.
And on top of it all, we give you a referral bonus of (up to) $2,000!
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