Texas SandFest

Enjoy Live Music, Food, Family Activities & Magnificent Sandcastles!

Prepare to be astounded as Port Aransas hosts one of the most expansive master sand sculpting contests in the United States. This annual extravaganza brings together masterful sculptors from across the globe for an intense three-day competition.

Witness the mesmerizing transformation of tons of sand into awe-inspiring works of art, captivating spectators with the sheer brilliance of their talent. As the beach becomes a canvas for these artisans, vendors of every kind display their offerings, showcasing unique and captivating treasures throughout the duration of this thrilling event. Prepare to be delighted as you explore the diverse array of goods available for admiration and purchase.

And what's an event without delicious fare? Food vendors tantalize taste buds with a tempting assortment of burgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, tacos, and an array of delightful sweet treats—ensuring that hunger pangs are pleasantly satiated. Let the rhythm of live music captivate you as it fills the air, while a lively beer garden beckons for those seeking a relaxing spot to savor the festivities. For those feeling adventurous, unleash your inner sculptor during the amateur competition and showcase your own artistic prowess!

Truly an event catering to all tastes and interests, the master sand sculpting contest in Port Aransas promises an immersive experience where every moment is filled with artistry, entertainment, culinary delights, and the boundless joy of a beachside celebration.

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